Choosing a Small Animal for Pet

Rabbits: Rabbits are the most popular of the small pet animals owing to their cuddly and social personalities. While rabbits are playful and affectionate, they are not the best option for young hobbyists. Rabbits don't like being held for extended periods of time. A rabbit can turn aggressive, too, when held too long, scratching, biting, or kicking its handler until it is free. Like dogs, ra...


What are the beginner pocket pets for children?

Nearly all pocket pets are good first pets for children. These small, furry creatures are typically harmless and easy to maintain. Foods are easy to find and affordable, too. One of the most popular pocket pet for kids are guinea pigs. These rodents look adorable. They are sturdier than rats and, when handled properly, don't scratch or bite. Guinea pigs can be trained to respond to a whistle...


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