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Pocket pets have individual personalities, and this is the first thing that interested hobbyists have to look into before purchasing a small animal. Books, clubs, and associations are great sources of information on different animal species - their behavior, temperament, diet, space requirements, and medical problems. Small animal pets are more affordable than other types of unusual pets such as snakes, and feeding costs are also low. Safe and clean shelter is one of the most basic provisions small pet animals need. This means one has to make a trip to the pet store before adopting a pet, and selecting a cage with a comfortable amount of floor area and construction material for the species you have selected. The cage should provide good ventilation and should be easy to clean - pocket pet cages have to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Contrary to common misconception, small animals need exercise outside their cage. Pet-proofing a room for play and exercise time is a must before taking a small animal home. They are very good escape artists so make sure to seal up holes and cracks in your house. By investing time and energy into preparation, you ensure your pet enjoys a healthy and happy in their new home.

Choosing a Cage

When it comes to housing, small animals have minimum requirements. What matters most is that it is clean, safe, and comfortable. Size is one of the most important considerations - it should match the size of the pet you're putting it into. Cages range from a teeny 4 x 5 inches to several square feet or bigger. Rodents (e.g. rats, mice) require the least pace, while rabbits need of room for s...


Choosing a Small Animal for Pet

Rabbits: Rabbits are the most popular of the small pet animals owing to their cuddly and social personalities. While rabbits are playful and affectionate, they are not the best option for young hobbyists. Rabbits don't like being held for extended periods of time. A rabbit can turn aggressive, too, when held too long, scratching, biting, or kicking its handler until it is free. Like dogs, ra...


Health Care and Maintenance

While it's true that small animals require little maintenance, they depend on their owners for food, a clean and safe shelter, and exercise. Small animals have small appetites, but make sure to provide them their favorite foods on a daily basis and make sure clean, fresh water is always available. Hygiene is essential to good health - regularly clean and disinfect cage, beddings, and utensil...


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