Choosing a Small Animal for Pet

Rabbits: Rabbits are the most popular of the small pet animals owing to their cuddly and social personalities. While rabbits are playful and affectionate, they are not the best option for young hobbyists. Rabbits don't like being held for extended periods of time. A rabbit can turn aggressive, too, when held too long, scratching, biting, or kicking its handler until it is free. Like dogs, rabbits require exercise outdoors, interaction and simulation, neutering, and annual vaccination.

Chinchillas: Like rabbits, they have cuddly appearance and friendly personality. They have a very distinct look - large ears, silky fur, and long whiskers. However, they are the costliest pocket animals to keep. They require a large, tall cage as they are powerful jumpers - some can jump up to two feet high. They are nocturnal animals, making them a good fit for pet owners who are often away from home during the day. People who are looking for nice, lifelong companion pet will find a good match in a "chin," too; chinchillas can live for up to twenty years or longer.

Guinea Pigs: These shy animals get scared easily. They move slow and very sociable and tame, making them a good beginner pet for children. These robust creatures have an average lifespan of 4-7 years.

Rats: Rats are very intelligent animals. They don't mind being handled and, with proper training, can perform tricks. They have very short life span, however - just 2 to 3 years.

Mice: Mice are mischievous little creatures that are entertaining to watch. However, they give a strong, off-putting musty odor.



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