Small Animal Housing

Cage: This is the most important piece of equipment your pocket needs. Small-sized, durable plastic cages are ideal for small animals who love to chew, such as rats and mice. Large and tall enclosures are for jumpers like chinchinillas. Rabbits need wide floor area. There are several types of aquariums in the market. For burrowers such as hamsters, cages with detachable tubes help recreate their...


Feeding Small Animals

Food Supplies: There are many availabed processed pocket pet foods that can be bought from a pet store or grocery, the most common of which are pellets and feed blocks. When purchasing pellets, make sure it is formulated for your pet species. Some pet stores also sell live food animals, such as insects and bugs. Berries and nuts can be purchased at the grocery for gerbils or other herbivores and...


Other Tools and Accessories for Small Animals

Enclosure Cleaning Materials: Cages and other enclosure equipment need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Use one part bleach and one part thirty parts water to clean the enclosure. White vinegar is also a safe cleaning option. Litter has to be collected and disposed of responsibly -- there are garbage bags for this. Grooming Tools: Grooming does not help your animal look good, it also pro...


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