Small Animal Housing

Cage: This is the most important piece of equipment your pocket needs. Small-sized, durable plastic cages are ideal for small animals who love to chew, such as rats and mice. Large and tall enclosures are for jumpers like chinchinillas. Rabbits need wide floor area. There are several types of aquariums in the market. For burrowers such as hamsters, cages with detachable tubes help recreate their life in the wild. Aquariums are durable and escape-proof, ideal for gnawers and chewers like gerbils and rats. However, they are expensive, heavy, and difficult to clean, too. Plastic pan bottoms and Wire Tops are a favorite of hobbyists on a small budget, as they are cheaper. They are easy to clean, too. For gerbils though, this is not the best option as the wire enclosure is not that hardy.

Bedding: Like dogs, pet animals need a place to sleep, too. Beddings function more than a sleeping area, however. They can remove odors and absorb moisture, too. Wood shavings, wood pulp, and recycled paper are the most popular types of bedding on the market. Less common are peanut hull pellets, alfalfa, and ground corn cob. Some beddings are made to encourage habits of some animals, such as burrowing and building a nest. The ideal bedding is non-toxic and smell- and dust-free.

Accessories/ Hiding Places: Accessories are designed to enrich your small animal's environment. Hiding boxes or faux house give your pet a place they can retreat to when they hear loud noises or other disturbance and so increase their sense of security. Wheels and plastic tunnels are the two other most popular items.



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