What are the beginner pocket pets for children?

Nearly all pocket pets are good first pets for children. These small, furry creatures are typically harmless and easy to maintain. Foods are easy to find and affordable, too.

One of the most popular pocket pet for kids are guinea pigs. These rodents look adorable. They are sturdier than rats and, when handled properly, don't scratch or bite. Guinea pigs can be trained to respond to a whistle, too. The only drawback is that guinea pigs don't like being lonely. If your thinking of getting a guinea pig for your kid, you should buy a pair or more. Another popular kid-friendly pocket pet are hamsters. These pocket-sized animals are very sociable, love exercising (by running up and down a wheel) during the night and sleeping during the day. The sugar glider, a native of Australia, is growing in popularity, too, as kid-friendly pocket pet. They are super tiny, measuring just about five to six inches at maturity. Since sugar gliders are marsupials, you can make them around your finger. In fact, they prefer it that way when travelling. These snuggly creatures also love to be carried in the pocket or on the shoulder.

Some small animals are best left to the care of older children. Though hedgehogs may look threatening to some, they are actually one of the sweetest pocket pets. Their defining characteristics are their quills, which are actually keratin-coated stiff hair. Rabbits, the most popular small animal pet, have soft backbones and have the tendency to become aggressive when not handled properly - they are better suited to older children, too.



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