Can small animals be trained?

Some, but not all, species of animals can be trained, and the level of difficulty involved in training these animals vary from species to species. Rats, for instance, intelligent species that they are, are very easy to train, while hamsters are not. Training small animals require a high level of care, understanding, and commitment. Their individual personality traits and capabilities have to be understood to ensure great success. Training also becomes easier once you are acquainted to the habits, sensitivities, and skills of your pet. Small animals should be approached with care to avoid upsetting unsettling them. When it comes to training small animals, positive reinforcement works best. Establish a reward system to encourage them to perform the tasks and tricks you ask them. The best way to win a pet is with food, so be ready with his favorite food or any treats to get him motivated. Social animals who liked being touched can also be motivated by praise, petting, or cuddling.

Learn the different tricks your pet animal can be perform. Rats, which are highly trainable, can walk tightropes and navigate mazes. It can also do tricks taught to a dog; it can play fetch, shoulder sitting, and respond to its name when called. Guinea pigs can be taught to sit on its hind legs and beg for food. Ferrets, rabbits, and hedgehogs can be taught how to use a litter box. Ferrets can be walked outdoors with a leash, too. Spend at least an hour a day training your pet. With a small amount of patience and commitment, training small animals is possible.



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